Teachings: Windows of Intimacy/"Physics" of Essence

June 5, 2000

[L]et us address the issue of windows of intimacy; that is, opportunities for the validation and recognition of interpersonal intimate contact. Within the limits of fashion the window is available for a very short time, of course, and the time "broadens" at each descending level.

With that as a descriptive factor, let us remark that all fragments are sensitive to windows of intimacy; that is, aligned opportunities for Essence contact, which, the briefer that they may be, are often more obvious. For the potentials within fashion are such that they stand out in sharp relief, but for limited amounts of time whereas, to go to the other extreme, we would think that the window is open for longer, but is also much less apparent. These windows of opportunity for intimacy can be shaped by the demands of any given life, as well as by social circumstance and by natural selection.

In another frame of reference, valid Essence contact can respond to the constraints of scripting and expectations as well as evolutionary "prodding", both of which are equally valid, but only one of which is Chief Feature-driven. And in that regard we would think that the closer to Chief Feature the intimate window is, the more brilliant and more brief it may be.

* * *

We have discussed the "physics" of Essence contact before, but let us enlarge upon it now.

Self-intimacy, or internal Essence contact, avails the fragment of the total energy inherent in the physical manifestation. We have said before, but we will reiterate, the energetic presence of Essence is vast, and there is no way it can be "used up", not only because Energy cannot be used up, but because self-intimacy expands rather than contracts the energy available. In this sense, self-intimacy may be said to "charge the batteries" (ha).

This is also why shared intimacy tends to leave those involved with the sense of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, because, of course, energy is greater than the sum of its parts. This is, of course, repellent to Chief Features, and can result in rejection and denial, but we assure you, as we have said before, you cannot unhave an orgasm, and although the intimacy may be denied, it cannot be eradicated from the life experience, no matter what Chief Feature may promise or threaten.

In regard to self-intimacy, its most recognizable form is what you on the physical plane call the arts, and the more wholehearted the process of intimacy, the greater the chance for artistic achievement in any form.

As to windows of intimacy, in terms of shared intimacy, there are times when energetic alignments are more easily achieved than at other times. Those alignments can make it possible for validated intimate contact on many levels, and we do not limit this to romance, although, of course, we do not rule it out, either.

By allowing the energetic enlargement of intimacy, fragments involved in intimate contact may more readily validate the shared access to Essence inherent in this process, and, through it, realize the process of evolution that is, of course, intrinsic to the experience of life on the physical or any other plane.