Archived Messages

As you can well imagine, after three decades of channeling, there is a great deal of material that has yet to be published. Much of this channeled material is hard-copy only. More recent messages may be transcribed in electronic format, but are not consistently edited. Dealing with this material is a highly sensitive matter. Michael makes comments on many questions that are personal in nature. These messages are not only private, they are not of much interest to anyone other than the inquirer.

A few years ago Cælum Press started making some of this material public. In order to do so, we had to have the funds to provide for its culling, editing, organization, coding, and posting. To provide for that, Cælum Press set up a "private membership" section of this Web site. For a small fee, members received a weekly email and had access to material online. This experiment came to an end, but due to these folks' generosity, we are now able to make what we have here now public.

We also have one bundle of four PDFs we are now making available for free download. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for the PDFs.

This material has been produced exclusively for private use. You may download, store in cache, display, print and copy a single copy or part of a single copy of information or material only for your personal, non-commercial use and only in an unaltered form. You are not permitted to re-transmit, distribute, or commercialise the information or material. Information or material may be used only for the purposes of private study, research, criticism, or review.


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