The Michael Group

The Michael group began in the late 1970s in northern California. Its genesis is told in Messages From Michael. The Michael Group has never been extremely large and, over the years, many of that relatively small group of people have come and gone: a very few have died; some have left; some have left and then returned; some have divorced and one has left; some have left, returned, and left again; some have left but continued to ask questions by phoning or e-mailing them in for sessions; some have moved away geographically and participate only through phone-ins. A very few--fewer than a dozen--have only participated by phoning in or e-mailing their questions, having been brought into the group by one of the members and okayed by the rest. Most of the current group have been participating in it for more than a decade, and there are still two members who have been in the group for at least 27 years. At present, the youngest member is in his late 20s, the oldest is in his 70s; most of the members are professionals, five have their own businesses; two are in the trades; one is a civil servant; one is in the medical profession. Over the years there have been tough-minded engineers, writers, musicians, social workers, physicists, physicians, psychiatrists, lawyers, actors, and artists in the group.

As Michael has said:

Our little group has chosen to provide this teaching and their questions which spurred the answers... They were not compelled or instructed to do so, for we do not teach that way. That the group has chosen to remain anonymous and closed does not invalidate what we have answered, nor does it limit what the fragments in our little group have learned. Neither criticism nor praise is appropriate to their decisions in this matter.
The group remains closed. New members are brought into the group only after the group agrees, and one person saying "no" is sufficient to turn down a proposed member. Neither Ms. Yarbro nor anyone involved in this Web site is permitted to recommend members.