The Michael Teachings

According to Michael, there are seven Roles in Essence, the thing you will be from the beginning of your lives to the end. These roles are Slaves, Artisans, Warriors, Scholars, Sages, Priests, and Kings. There are two Cycles (Astral and Causal) on the Planes immediately beyond the Physical Plane, five Cycles on the Physical Plane (Infant, Baby, Young, Mature, Old) with seven Levels within each Cycle. It usually takes more than one life to complete a Level. For each Level you chose Overleaves, selecting from one of seven Goals; one of seven Modes; and one of seven Attitudes. We each develop and Primary and Secondary Chief Feature, the means by which fear controls you.

We are all, according to Michael, part of a group of Essences called an Entity, consisting of about 1100 fragments, or individual Essences, usually of three or four Roles in Essence in each entity. The entity is composed of Cadences or groups of (you guessed it) seven fragments, all of the same Essence. A Cadence is the smallest complete unit Michael recognizes. A group of seven entities is called a Cadre. All this has to do with Casting, or where you are in the stack. During lives you may have karma owed or owing from a past life in which you interfered with the life choices of another, or yours were interfered with. This is a major factor in any life, and not everyone has karma to contend with in any particular life. Karma is earned for such things as murder, unjust imprisonment, abandonment of a helpless fragment, and what Michael calls mind-f*ck. Karma is part of the balance of your evolution, and you may avoid it often, but eventually you will choose overleaves that will motivate you to "burn the karmic ribbon." Not every life will have karma to deal with; there will be times you choose to reincarnate without karmic debts, usually in order to devote yourself to a specific task or talent.

There are lesser injuries that might be taken care of through making amends, which is not so compelling as karma. There are also Internal and External Monads which arc units of experience that are part of your evolution. Less binding but interesting are the Agreements made between fragments for mutual assistance. These Agreements are not crucial, and may be more easily abdicated than the more demanding Monads and karma.

Michael does not require or desire belief in what they say:
If you choose to question and validate for yourself, the progress will be accomplished with knowledge and recognition. But progress will occur whether you perceive it or not, and the choices made are "good" choices no matter what they are for the choice itself is the lesson, and its ramifications and outcome bring the lessons to bear. There is no "right" and "wrong" way to decide...but if we would urge you to anything, it is to the understanding that all of life is a choice: You cannot not choose. To say "I will not choose; I will do nothing" is a choice to do nothing. Rather than regard choices as terrible burdens and impositions, you would release much of your fear if you would realize that you are making choices all the time, and the process, rather than overwhelming you, is in fact the means to freeing yourself from the bonds of fear. Of course, you may choose to deny or ignore this as well. That is as much a choice as anything else in life.

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You can also see the Michael Terminology section for further definitions.