Who Is Michael?

Michael is a reunited Mid-Causal Plane Entity of more than a thousand individual souls. Although in the original books Michael is treated as a plural noun, one way to avoid the resulting grammatical nightmare is to refer to them as "the Michaels." This way using "they" and plural verbs is not so confusing.

The Michaels began imparting their messages about thirty years ago through individuals who "channel" them. After becoming involved with the "Michael Group", author Chelsea Quinn Yarbro wrote four books -- Messages From Michael, More Messages From Michael, Michael's People, and Michael for the Millennium -- based on sessions, transcripts, and interviews.

It is important to understand that the Michaels give their messages freely. They make no predictions nor are they "guides." The Michaels do not offer a path to spiritual enlightenment, only a way to human understanding based on their experience, first as humans themselves now as the reintegrated fragments of a Causal body no longer alive as we know it, but still possessed of a keen awareness of what being human entails.

As they frequently stress in one way or another:

We offer this teaching unconditionally. You are not expected or required to accept what we say, to agree with it, to "believe" in it. We do not offer "the one true way," for each fragment has many paths to the goal, and each of you is capable of finding your way. If we serve any purpose, it is as an information service to travelers and as signposts. We do not say this lightly: No one is required to "believe" in signposts, or even read them. The information we provide is valid -- we have no reason to distort information, for that would impose conditions on what we teach -- and we make a gift of it to you. Note that we do not say bribe. We do not require or expect anything in return."