Michael and Atlantis

Michael has said that Atlantis is located off the coast of Portuguese territory and that the influence of Atlantean civilization spread further than anyone is aware. (See pg 229 in Messages From Michael: 25th Anniversary Edition)

On December 2, 2002, the Micheals were asked about "a recent discovery near Cuba five thousand feet below the ocean of what looks like man-made structures. Some people think it is Atlantis.

A. There are several sites not unlike this one to be found in any number of places around the globe. Its depth is unusual, and while it is partly a natural structure, it is also a portion of a regional seaport frequented by various Caribbean groups and related to Central and South American populations.

[Michael is speaking in some ancient language, perhaps related to Mayan.]

The last time sea levels were lower, a great many areas now covered in water were in fact ocean fronts, and contrived to be harbors and similar sorts of establishments.¹ As sea levels rose, these were of course abandoned, and other facilities built "inland". As oceans diminished the surface of land, those structures made of stone have tended to survive, although such things as earthquakes, continental drift, and other terrestrial phenomena have in fact intruded upon these remnants that are now enigmatic and fragmentary.

The presence of such things as squared-off blocks of stone tend to be the only structures remaining from those ancient days, well after human ensoulment but very early on in the process of travel. And so, often travelers were isolated from the general population,² a precaution that was enhanced by building in stone, for it was not only permanent but very strong. Other discoveries of a similar nature would not surprise us.
¹ [The impression is that they are talking about eight to ten thousand years ago, near the end of the Ice Age.]

²[There may have been a process of quarantine--walls that would contain a facility in much the same way in medieval times you built a wall around a city for protection.]