Michael On Channeling

May 29, 2006

Q. There is something being channeled that is a called Abraham. Comments on who or what this is?

A. This fragment, and it is a fragment, is the Astral phase of the Task Companion of the principal "channeler", and much of what is attributed to this particular channeling source is heavily influenced by the actuality of the relationship between Task Companions.

Janauary 17, 2000

In regard to the assumption of channeling, it is in fact rare, if not impossible, for fragments on the physical plane to reach much beyond the Causal Plane, in large part because the function of language in all its myriad forms breaks down as matter becomes more attenuated towards energy. We have said before but we will reiterate: the nature and "achievement" of the Akashic and Buddhic Planes are as difficult for us to grasp as our state of existence is for you. We realize that this is of course the nature of our stage of evolution, and your perception and experience are the nature of yours.

For those who claim to channel the Tao, we must state that no one on the physical plane -- or the Causal Plane, for that matter-- is in a position to grasp that perfection of love and totality which is the least part of the nature of the Tao. At the same time, it may be said that the experience of living itself is the physical-plane equivalent of channeling the Tao, in which case "everybody does it".

Generally speaking, in terms of channeling, evolutionary stages may reach two beyond their current manifestation, which is of course why we can reach the physical plane and you can reach us. However, trying to "bridge the gap" between more attenuated states of existence and diminishing physicality render it unlikely for comprehension to exist beyond this two-state gap, except of course for the Tao, which is present in and permeates everything in every plane and all stages of evolution. If this did not occur, evolution would of course be impossible.

By encompassing and interpenetrating all stages of evolution, the Tao of course has no need of the interpolation of channeling, and just as Essence has full recall of all lives and experiences, so the totality of what you perceive as time is incorporated into the nature of what we must clumsily call the physics of evolution, which is experienced in many forms as various states of energy to a state of nonphysicality so "refined" that no state of matter can diminish, alter, or diminish it.* Of course, energy cannot be extinguished, and energy of this ineffable quality brings transcendence through all levels of evolution and all phases of existence.
*[Two different kinds of diminish.]

February 2, 2005

As we have indicated in the past, there are subjects upon which words are apt to fail us. These are subjects associated with concepts outside the usual "human" experience which lack not only vocabulary but actual context that we can address. There are in fact limitations put upon us because, eloquent though it may be, language is extremely limiting, particularly in regards to these concepts we have mentioned.

Some of what we can discuss only directly with you, we can communicate far more clearly to cetaceans because of their concision in regards to what you call music. Just as they do not in fact readily express complex intellectual concepts, so you do not have a frame of reference that allows for these particular areas of understanding to be communicated in any form that is "close" to the manner in which it can be understood. Often, in seeking for the means to express these emotionally centered understandings, we find ourselves seeking out other phraseology in order to convey the conceptual issues we are endeavoring to communicate. Of course, circling a thing repeatedly does not necessarily identify it, and just as you would hear communication of intellectual concepts expressed to cetaceans as a "theme-and-variation" melody line, so we are reduced, when constrained by language, to approach the ineffable with the tools at hand, however inefficiently.

When repetition begins to insinuate itself into multiple answers, it is a good indication that the understanding and execution of major composers for mediums might come closer to capturing our meaning through melodic interpretation. That does not mean that there is a one-to-one ratio between emotional and intellectual information we did not say that and did not mean to imply it. However, should you be willing to consider our "circling the subject" as an attempt at melodic extrapolation, grasping the nature of the problem may be more readily accessed. Of course where there is "static on the line", neither melody or [sic] vocabulary can serve to break though information to those who are determined not to receive it.

February 21, 2000

Q: Was the oracle at Delphi a channeled Causal (or astral) Entity? Is this what the Classical oracles were?

It depends on which of the many oracles, meaning human mediums, were "working" on the answer, and how much laurel soup they had consumed. Most who were not simply hallucinating were doing astral contact, but that was sporadic, due to the religio-political pressure under which they worked.


Q. We started out with a little Ouija board, very slowly, and then it got faster. Then it went to words, then you threw the board away and we went to straight channeling, then we went to very fast downloads, and during the process of the downloads you would start getting pictures and start complaining. Then we went to picture transference for a short time, and so it seems to me that on the normal developmental scale we should next go to a visual process for the group. Then the question becomes: once we go to a visual process, how do we record it or get it on tape so we can replay it?

As to the transmission of visual images from one fragment to another, we would have to say that this is a much more unpredictable process than relying on cumbersome words, no matter the speed at which they are given. For those fragments predisposed and amenable to receiving images, it is not impossible for "transmission" to occur where the desired results and specific questions are well-defined and therefore accessible. However, where such definition is lacking, specific transmission becomes increasingly "hazardous", and therefore considerably less reliable.

As to the recording of such transmissions, of course the retrieval systems needed for such activities have not yet in fact been invented, and it is unlikely that reliable images of mental origin without intermediate artistic interpolation will be accessible to your species for the foreseeable future. However, those fragments capable of and inclined to receive such images may be able to interpret the process of such perception after the fact, but that in and of itself can prove "hazardous" because of the "vagaries" of language and perception. That does not mean such things are impossible. We did not say that nor did we mean to imply it, only that it is currently beyond "the reach" of technology, science, and psychology.

Also, of course, fragments seeking these kinds of perceptions generally require a high degree of experience in focus on such images and material, and without the inherent discipline of such focus are unlikely to achieve the clarity and lucidity of perspication* [sic] necessary to achieve recognition and validation beyond the immediate experience of having such a perception occur.

[The channel says, "Technically speaking, the answer is 'it ain't easy.'"]
* Michaelese: Having the informed wisdom that perspicacity implies, but more the state of informed wisdom rather than the process of acquisition.