Culture: Michael on Greed

February 11, 1999

Q. With all the talk lately about cultural values, it seems to me that increasingly in this culture one of our most dominant values is greed. Comments?

A. We would agree that the "bottom-line" mentality is becoming more readily apparent than it has been since the turn of the century. Some of it is of course associated with millennial territorialism, and some of it is associated with what you might call a monetary pissing contest. However, we would think that the tolerance of open material ambition has become greater since what you call the eighties, and has in fact added to social expectations as regards the "good life". In fact, we would have to say some of the millennial austerity is a direct and directly proportional response to this particular form of materialism.

It might not be amiss, should you choose to do so, to assess "current events" in a territorial way, defining the territoriality not only as geographical but financial and political as well, and it might not be inappropriate to include religious territoriality in the mix. We would think that many insights could be brought to bear if you are willing to make this kind of evaluation with as few expectations as your cultural context will allow.

Money may be regarded as a means to power, a source of prestige, and/or a legitimization of all activities. This is not uncommon in a Young-Soul world or a Young-Soul society, and although this world has reached fifth level Young, it has a way to go before it reaches the next Cycle and less "worldly" definition of worldly success.