Iran Chief Feature Update

October 14, 2006

This particular country presents itself outwardly as being Chief Featured by Martyrdom, when in point of fact it is presently, at least of terms of its government, Chief Featured by a very complex form of Impatience.

When we say a country has Chief Features, we do of course refer to a matter of government and social policy, not necessarily the preponderance of Chief Feature among the populace, for almost all countries is the same as for humans, that being Stubbornness. And in all instances, in order to comprehend the impact of governmental social Chief Features, we would think that awareness of, and attention to, underlying fears would be uppermost in the process of comprehension, far more than dealing with individuals. When dealing with governments and societies, the fears that underlay the Chief Features tend to reflect the ways in which the "popular" manifestations are "acted out". Of course social traditions and economy, as well as international tensions, can and do modify and define the fears within any given country at any given time.

We would wish to point out that in the case of this country, the stubbornness factor can be seen in the intransigence of the members of decision making levels of government and society. The need on the part of many within the power structure to define and limit the dialog that is ongoing with the populace at large, is as much born from the fear of dealing with new situations as it is from any realized fear of "discovery", although that is changing given the tenor of recent events. By refusing to bring new material into the discussion, those in the decision-making roles have assumed that others share their dislike of dealing with new situations and will therefore support any and all efforts to make sure such situations are not allowed to arise. While this can be very effective, particularly with a populace kept perpetually in a state of anxiety, it is also being a fear-driven response itself likely to create a pattern that if continued may prove disruptive to the present course. But again we stress that country Chief Features (as are all Chief Features) begin with fears which the more they are denied the more powerful they become, and whether this is true of a single person in a tent in the wilderness or thousands of people enmeshed in the government, the denied fear is ultimately the most powerful. Only when fear is identified, recognized for what it is and addressed as fear, can it actually be dealt with and not be transferred to some other manifestation or shaped into another Chief Feature for a country.

All these choices of course, while they can be insightful and "useful", are also in general fairly ephemeral, and because of that many fragments are reluctant to undertake the kind of examination that leads to proper identification of Chief Feature functions in society because it is not "permanent" but transitory as are all things on the physical plane everywhere in the physical plane, as has been the case "always".