Michael on Déjà Vu

August 2, 1999

Q. Comments on déjà vu as a validation of being on your Life Task, and other kinds of déjà vu.

A. Those moments in which Essence "catches up" with or aligns with what might be called signposts bearing on the Life Task may be distinguished by their "brevity" and continuity within the work at hand. Other forms of déjà vu include recognition and validation of past experience in the locale or similar locale to where the past life triggering the response actually took place -- or, in other words, should you have had a past life which resulted in the destruction of a thirteenth-century stone castle, no matter where that castle was, a visit to the ruins at Kenilworth would be likely to trigger a déjà vu response, and of course a visit to the actual site would be likely to release a "flood" of memories.

As regards the "signpost" déjà vu, we would have to say that the more vivid the experience, the more significant the choices leading to the stage of the life identified by the sign. In other words, if the Life Plan includes choices leading to developing a skill with photography, it is not impossible that buying the chemicals to develop the film for the exhibition would trigger a signpost response, possibly more intently* [sic] than the exhibition itself, which would be "clouded" with expectations and other conditions which would mask the Life-Plan perceptions.

Another form of déjà vu, incidentally, is tied to the renewal of old skills, the "Oh, I can do that" response. Whether it is baking bread, hunting boar, swimming long distances, or building walls, we would think that past expertise can come into play with current recognition, and thus falls into the category of déjà vu.
* Maybe a little Michael pun on intentions. On the one hand it's intensely, but in the sense of being more aligned with your intention.