Emotional: Michael on Frustration

March 15, 2000

Q. Comments from Michael on frustration and how it functions in our lives, please?

A. We would have to say that the frustration, from our point of view, has three different manifestations. First is a failure of script, which is that sudden realization in the script that no one else knows their lines, and in fact may not be "in" on the play. Second is, of course, a pure Chief-Feature disguise based upon the underlying fear of the Chief Feature that promises that underlying fear, and much more of the same, will continue so long as the present course is adhered to. Occasionally it will branch out to convince you that no course is effective. The third form of frustration has to do with what we may call the detour signs as regards the general Life Plan, and the realization that what has been planned cannot readily be accomplished in the manner originally intended. There is another form of frustration, of course, which has to do with leftover wishes from childhood, which have not been met, cannot be met, and will not be met because they are no longer appropriate. Many otherwise "grown-up" fragments spend time battering their heads against metaphorical walls in the hopes of getting the two-wheeled bike they wanted at six.*

*Smothers Brothers: As Tommy always said to Dicky, "Mom always liked you best!"