Michael on the Millennium

August 16, 1999

Q. A drop-in in anticipation of the millennium.

A. We would wish to say that, in general, the concerns of many fragments in this society have tended to disguise themselves in spiritual garments in order to avoid the implications brought to bear by Young-Cycle prerogatives and real-world "definitions". As a result, many fragments adhering to the expectations of the year labels given out by this society are prepared to accept catastrophes and innovations in equal measures as a validation of the process immediately related to the demands of what is perceived as potentially catastrophic millennial upheavals.

For Young Souls, this provides a dramatic incentive to anticipate chaos. For Mature Souls, there is a sense of overwhelming energy being arbitrarily attached to this artificial date. For Old Souls, many fragments are aware of the capricious nature of calendars in general and "hype" specifically, so that the assessment of current anticipation of difficulties is becoming a focal point for social rejection, all of which we assure you is valid but not particularly useful.

As regards millenniums, let us point out that the number is an arbitrary one assigned by you at your convenience, and while there may be millennial considerations, the overwhelming intrusion of millennial considerations is in fact a cultural artifact rather than a valid cultural expression of consciousness and expectations that have brought about many multi-personal assumptions that cannot be addressed empirically but stand as folkloric archetypes.

We would think that many of those undertaking societal assaults at this time do so in the anticipation that their activities will bring about complaints and injustices long nourished by cultural subgroups, whose expectations have exceeded cultural paradigms by being based upon what they assume to be scriptural reassurances that are biased mistranslations of political agendas from long ago. These millennial preconceptions, we assure you, are of your own making, and no matter how pervasive they may be in the mechanistic sense, in the cultural sense their presence is immediate and assaultive, and until the year of the three zeros is transited, external reactions are apt to be more common than not among those prone to extreme reactions.

[A big vacuum exists around the three zeros.]

December 6, 1999

Q. Michael has said problems could arise for people as a result of being involved in this teaching, especially with the turn of the millennium. Could they elaborate?

A. As regards the "hazards" of recognized teaching, we would wish to mention two things. One is that given the current tenor of religiosity of the world, being part of a group such as this one could prove hazardous in many parts of the world. Secondly, looking for validated infinite teaching is often perceived as "crazy" and such teaching as "dangerous", no matter who is doing the teaching or under what circumstances. Those who choose to follow such teaching at this or any other time tend to expose themselves to ridicule, censure, or even worse, given the climate around them. The apocalyptists' thinking being what it is, for the next decade we would expect those pursuing teaching sources not generally validated by recognized orthodoxy to be somewhat at risk for entertaining such unrecognized views. There is also of course a degree of fragmentation and distortion of teaching which has not unexpectedly been visited upon us and many teachers, and at this precipitous time such distortions are not only expected by us and other teachers, they are Chief-Feature triumphs, as well as the means by which others would seek to invalidate recognition and validation undertaken by the serious student.