Beached Dolphins

March 7, 2005

Q. Twenty or thirty dolphins beached themselves off the Florida coast [in March 2005], and it is suspected that the cause was Naval sonar exercises. Was that the cause, and what is the karma involved?

A. While the sonar exercises did indeed contribute, these "creatures" were suffering from a chronic lung condition that left them particularly susceptible to the sonar intrusions. Between the complex disorientation brought about by the sonar waves and the physical ramifications of these exercises, the fragments in question were pushed beyond their limits, and sought a place where they could breathe safely - but of course where they could also suffocate.

Q. What about karma?

A. This is not at the level of full karma, although we suspect the human fragments involved in making the decision to do the tests will want to make amends to these fragments of the cetacean species at a later time, possibly by providing them protection or similar forms of compensation - that is, not in fact at the level of karma but beyond a "humble apology".