Chimeral Genetic Anomalies

November 11, 2005

As we have remarked many times in the past, the phenomena associated with twinnings, are such that only the most obvious are noted such as having two instead of one child, or "almost two" children as in the case of conjoined twins, but in matters of resorbed twins, those occurring before the fourteenth day of fertilization tend to result in chimeral twinning and chimeral twins, being as it were genetically resident in the same package, while in fact not uncommon, are rarely discerned except when the degree of twinning is extreme. Just as the range of conjoined twins can go from second heads to full body "duplication" the instance of resorbed fraternal twins occurs in roughly one in twelve births to a greater or lesser degree. Any instance of dissimilar eye color or patchwork skin phenomena are indications of chimeral presences as is, for that matter, genital ambiguity. By being aware of these various forms of chimeral manifestation it is possible for those involved to recognize that in at least certain organs and/or systems, the body possesses duplicate DNA. This as of itself need not be a problem or even detectable, however, over time "wear and tear" on the system is apt to be markedly different on those organs or systems that manifest the superfluous DNA. Let us therefore remark, that in terms of these particular chimeral problems, that while medicine in general is not used to looking for them, they can and often do exist and certain disharmonious behavior of certain parts of the body may in fact be accounted to resorbed DNA from a fraternal twin and, before the inquiry comes, yes, it is possible for a person to possess a chimeral presence and have it never be detected throughout the life, but no, the twin is not ensouled and, of course, cannot be for, of course, ensoulment occurs at first breath when there is only one being to be ensouled. Incidentally this phenomena occurs throughout all DNAed ensouled species.