Cold Season

December 2, 2006

Q. Cold season is coming, comments?

A. In regard to susceptibility to various colds and flus, we would have to say that three of the most contributory factors are fatigue, stress and increased "socializing" that raises the risk of exposure. Of course the "old remedies" of fluids and vitamin C, which we realize is currently out of vogue, nonetheless can help not only to flush the system of infective agents, but can diminish the amount of potential intrusion caused by infection. For those over the age of 35, the need for amino acids generally becomes higher when fighting off colds and flu. For those over 45, the need for increased protein is generally more important in reducing the impact of colds and flu. For those over 55, digestive enzymes are usually what is needed to shore up the system. Of course one is not required to observe these or any caveats in regards to colds and flu, we do wish to point out however, that for those already failed and stressed, vaccinations may and we stress may plunge the system into a full blown manifestation of the cold or flu rather than strengthen the body by an incipient dose. But of course these methods and observations are generalities only and specific cases may in fact result in other responses to the conditions and the treatments.