The Physical: Healing -- Right or Left Brain?

November 15, 1999

Q. Something I've been pondering in connection with a visualization of bringing energy into every part of the body. Does healing have to do with the left brain or the right brain?

A. This has to do with movement of the subtle body, which is down the spine and up the front of the body, and which influences all chi movement of the body. The "trick" is to "color" the energy as it moves down the spine. It may be more efficacious to choose one color to flood the body¹ from the spine on down than to worry about what side of the brain it emanates from. By utilizing the initial impulse of energy into the body, a clarification of energy purpose can be achieved, but without such definition we would have to say that it is unlikely for this or any fragment to influence the energy functions of the body without buying into Chief-Feature expectations, which is, we assure you, counterproductive. To consider the spread of color in its most luminous form, from the base of the skull to the base of the spine and up through the chakras, will tend to bring about the benefits of clarified energy without the most abstruse dogma attaching to it.
¹[Green, but only by way of example.]