Michael on Imbuing Presence in a House

January 6, 2003

When questioned about a housing situation, Michael made some specific suggestions, but also answered:
It might also be prudent, should you choose to do so, to fix your presence in the house through candle rituals, rosemary, and salt [under the windows, doors, entrances, exits, and fireplace] or crystals with the purpose of imbuing the presence of you in the house to be part of the house.

Q. What kind of candle rituals?

A. To fix a presence in a place with candles, we would think that choosing three crucial rooms [--the impression is the bedroom, kitchen, and living room, but the places where you spend most of your time one way and another--] and, addressing them in turn, light scented candles placed on all major surfaces. Of course all candles should be of the same scent, and then, when all candles are lit, address the room aloud, expressing your desires for this place and yourself in this place. When this has been completed, move candles to the next significant room and repeat the process there, leaving one lit candle in the room already completed. Repeat with the second room and the third, and allow the lit candles to burn through the night.