Science: Creating Energy from Gold

August 16, 1999

Q. Comments on the experiment at Stanford of smashing gold with neutrons with multiple reactions to create energy. [check to find out what the element is] A. While the process in question may indeed provide the results sought, there are potentials for more disruptive resolutions. That is not to say that the experiment itself is intrinsically dangerous, but there is the potential for microgravitational anomalies that would result in nanocollisions which, if they occurred in close proximity either in time or space, might prove hard to handle. On the other hand, we would have to say that approaching the problem from this perspective, that is, from the biodensity of gold and the density of the element in question*, the level of hazard is reduced in terms of nanocity. However, the density has another factor, which has to do with the stickiness of the energy involved, or what you would call matter and the density of the coagulation, for if an overly spontaneous reaction should occur, the compressed nature of gold when bluntly liberated from the energy of physicality could provide significantly more energy than anticipated.
*Note from transcriptionist [check to find out what the element is]