Opportunities for Ensouled Species

January 11, 2003

Theoretically, the advance to space flight might have taken place at least two times in the past, once in China and once in the greater Mediterranean. Certainly the basic theoretical work had been done, but societal choices had applied the knowledge in other ways. The fact that it has become possible now is the result of the convergence of several societal and cultural disciplines that have made it possible to invest time and effort in this particular application. The same thing could have happened with regards to biological sciences or social and psychological studies.

There is almost never just one opportunity for individually ensouled species to develop a particular knowledge or skill. Opportunities circle around and occasionally societies align with them, which brings about progress. We assure you that none of this is known at the time of ensoulment, although an awareness of the possibilities is very much "at hand" (ha-ha). Just as calculus grows out of counting and "science" out of observation of natural phenomena, so the possibilities exist "from the beginning" and may or may not be realized for the duration of the species' ensoulment.

There are several potentials for your species that are unlikely to be realized during the species' ensoulment, and this is true of all independently ensouled species. There is always more potential than that which can be realized, which is why choice is so important.