How Does the "Paranormal" Work?

May 29, 2006

Q. Do paranormal events take place in another dimension, and does any of the current thinking on quantum physics relate to such phenomena? How does paranormal work?

Differently than modern "scientific" thought might suppose. One of the problems with "paranormal" is that it is often nonrepeatable, and laboratory conditions do not tend to affect it. However, should you choose to view paranormal abilities as being akin to having perfect pitch, a greater understanding may be within the grasp, in that just as instruments, strings, voices, and for that matter tabletops resonate to specific notes for those with perfect pitch, so such things as precognition, psychokinesis, and other so called "psychic" phenomena tend to occur as the experiences of those with sensitivity to those specific "vibrations."

The dogmatic empiricism of the scientific method has made the dismissal of what is called paranormal easy to do and to justify. However, that does not mean that such abilities in fact go away. It just means that most persons possessing these abilities are not likely to talk to scientists about them, and, sadly, the greatest study efforts have been associated with governmental projects and covert operations. In confronting paranormal phenomena, incidentally, one of the difficulties lies in defining precisely what is paranormal about the phenomenon in question, and to assess that and not, as it were, the window dressing. We assure you, for example, that there is no special merit in graveyard earth for spell purposes, except that for most people you have to be very serious to about wanting get it. So it is the intent and not the object that is the source of the "paranormal" power.