Powering Vehicles

May 29, 2006

Q. What might be the most best or most viable way to power vehicles, beyond the hybrid?

A. Of course we do not predict.

We would think that in terms of practicality that emerging hydrogen technology may well prove most generally acceptable and considerably less invasive than either current methods or some of the more technologically intense alternatives proposed. Wind power and solar power can indeed be developed for limited use, but in terms of massive application, except in areas of high ratios of sunshine and/or wind, as a general power source we would think it unlikely that either can be made wholly applicable. In addition, solar cells can be as potentially harmful as the fossil fuels they would replace. Hydrogen cells, on the other hand, tend not to be toxic once they are "used up." We would also think that batteries of extended strength and power could be developed for a great many usages, providing of course that the investment funding is there.

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