Teachings: Seventh Level Old Kings

December 6, 1999

Q. Could we have updates on the three seventh level Old Kings who are possible Avatars?

A. Two of them are "on track." One of them has been "sidelined" into what you would call child labor and is now responsible for the support of six relatives. There are however two more recent arrivals with this potentiality, both cetaceans, one in the Pacific and one in the Atlantic.¹

Q. One of the two "on track" is in South America. Where is the other?

A. The other one is in central Asia.

Q. Have they done Third Monad?

A. The one in South America has. The one in central Asia is working on it.²
¹ [The Atlantic one may be a sperm whale. The cetacean in the Pacific migrates up the California coast, is a gray whale or killer whale, and hasn't done Third Monad yet.]
²[The impression is that he/she is a student visiting central Asia.]