Algorithms and Fractals in Life

May 24, 2006

In regards to algorithms and fractals as they manifest for the individual fragment throughout the revolution inherent in every life, of course the fractals created by birth tend to be associated with physicality and learning, for the bulk of all learning occurs between First and Second Internal Monad. Once the Second Internal Monad is recognized and validated and the "person" emerges, then there is another fractilic pattern that sets in with its own algorithm which is, of course, spurred on by the acquisition of centering which as we have said before occurs at the second monad. It is this "spin" that reveals how the Overleaves will be expressed, and how clearly defined or undefined the overleaf fractals are.

All through the process through Second and Third Monads for your species, brain development is "paramount" and, as brain development follows algorithmic structures in place, such things as skills, talents, aversions and "touchstones" will become established in the life. Those in turn create the next "range" of algorithms and the resultant fractals which achieve maximum "activity" between the Third and Fourth Monad. Where there is failure to completely recognize or validate these essential Monads, the process that occurs fractilicly [sic] after the complete recognition and validation of the Fourth Monad, cannot be wholly engaged and often the "curl" of the fractal either bifurcates or spirals which, in turn, renders portions--and we stress portions-- of that phase of the Overleaf only marginally functional and, for most fragments, concomitantly gives the leftover "energy" to Chief Features.

Fifth Monad tends -- and we stress tends -- to assist the fragment in "spiraling down" or, in other words, brings about a more fully integrated recognition of the fractilic structure of the individual life and individual Overleaf fractals, so that by the time the Sixth Monad arrives there is a kind of algorithmic "nest" for the fragment to "curl" into and, of course, the Seventh Monad completes the fractilic pattern and completes the algorithm except for the algorithm that is inherent in Essence and Casting which runs throughout all lives from "beginning to end". It is this Essence-driven algorithm that sets up all the others and those that are most closely allied to that pattern in terms of choices within the life will be able to avail themselves of perceptions and energies that most fragments find elusive.

There is no error in any resultant pattern nor are any choices incorrect and one fragment may choose effectively for that energy for that life and ineffectively for another, but the actual pattern itself is neither distorted nor in any way hampered by such decisions. The fractal devolvement may shift slightly but the algorithm is unimpaired.