Astral Plane Levels

May 29, 2006

Q. Could Michael describe the different levels of the Astral Plane?

A. [Earlier information from Michael summarized by the channel:

They said years ago that all higher planes have seven levels. The Astral Plane finishes up Physical Plane matters for Priests, and the Causal Plane does the same for Kings. The first three levels of the Astral Plane can be reached from the Physical Plane by astral travel. The fourth level is where the Astral Plane separates off from the Physical Plane. The fifth and sixth levels are where the beginning of the Cadence reuniting occurs, and seventh is the inculcation of the whole experience.

The first three levels of the Causal Plane involve the identification and ordering of the Cadences, a Cadence being the smallest totality that the Michael teaching recognizes. The fourth level has to do with the names and addresses of all the featured players. The fifth and sixth involve incorporating everything into Entities, and seventh is the convergence of the Entities, when they begin cloodging together again to act as a totality.]