On Ensouled and Nonensouled Fragments

January 12, 2004

The difference between creatures of non-reason and creatures of reason is the paramountcy [sic] of choice. We have said this before but we will reiterate, those who are ensouled and are therefore responsible for their decisions and actions have a different "connection" to the non-physical form of their existence than those who are not able to separate themselves as individuals from the "mandate" of the species phylum and genus requirements.

Each creature extant in the world, from viruses and bacteria to non-hominid apes, are [sic] in fact connected to what we would call a "central", beginning with genus and ending at species and individual, which in fact reveal [sic] functionality within the limits of the nature of "the creature" itself. Each individual animal in the world has a history going back into the various manifestations of the genus archetype as manifested in this stage of evolution. We have mentioned before but we will reiterate, there is a kind of "desk" at "Bird Central" that is in fact the last stages of dinosaurs, and which in fact influences "Bird Central" and colors the potentials for all those various creatures who are part and parcel of bird totality. Although no single creature embodies bird totality or indeed even species totality, there is indeed an indisputable and indisputed link to the nature of the creature itself, which is the fragmentary purpose we have discussed.

As we have indicated in the past, for ensouled species, a complete "circuit" of existence is "required" to complete physical-plane reality, and then there are evolutionary processes "after the fact" that lead to other planes of existence and eventually end up "at soup" at the Tao, which is the source of all energy and to which all energy returns, because of course energy itself cannot be destroyed. In the case of creatures of non-reason, however, the voyage "back to soup" occurs after each individual life, and the contributory forces brought to bear support the process of individualization that can be brought into physical form as a result of the compilation of energies and experience which in fact define the process of interlival [sic] experience.

Now every fragment extant at this time on the physical plane, whether ensouled or nonensouled, is aspected by the impact of the species in which they are present, and those who are non-ensouled have a direct tie to "species central" and are of course more closely bound to that than to the current manifestation. In the case of ensouled species, however, each individual experience is cumulative, and because of that, there is a comparison process that does not occur in creatures of non-reason, and although both are legitimately fragments of a greater whole, one contributes to enhanced identity while the other contributes to enhanced experientiation. The enhanced identity is of course the process of the ensouled species, the experentiation is of course the process of the unensouled species.

Should you choose to do so, imagining that the unensouled species has a continual "veinous" [sic] link to the totality of the species experience may provide some sense of what is ongoing in animals, but where these factors do not operate, then the cumulative effect of lives and cultural experience serve [sic] to define perceptions brought to bear beyond what has been accepted as the manifestation of "creatures" great and small (ha-ha).