Overleaves and Fractal Pattern

March 11, 2006

As we have discussed in terms of the fractal function of cultures, for many fragments Overleaves form a kind of personal fractal, and one of the reasons that Internal Monad completions are "so important", is that without those validations, the "contraction" of the fractal tends to set in early and to limit the applications of the Overleaves selected by a lack of, as it were , "fuel". These particular inward turning cycles tend to be not only limiting but de-potentializing, so that even when presented with selected opportunities, the fragment often lacks the personal wherewithal to respond in the manner originally assumed.

Should you wish to do so, thinking of the Overleaves as the algorithm, and their manifestations as the fractals, can bring about not only a better sense of cultural integration, but personal development and function. There are many instances when, as we have described, fragments attempt to make progress sideways -- a supposed lessening of risk taking, but also a diminishing of the fractilic force that accompanies such developments. While it may in fact be "easier" to do something nice for an associate rather than confront difficulties with one to whom a karmic debt is owed, we assure you that the karmic debt remains, and the sideways progress serves little but Chief Features.

Most Overleaves when functioning "freely" create fractilic patterns not unlike the leaf-like pattern in sand on either side of narrow strip of running water. Only when the Overleaves are limited by Chief Features or by abdicated Monads do they turn into the seashell spiral pattern, and their effectiveness diminishes rapidly from that point. When the diminishing pattern parallels the diminishing structures within a culture then there is a sharpened lessening of "effectiveness". For those fragments willing to undertake the full range of Overleaf intention, the fractal pattern becomes reinforcing rather than diminishing, and by being reinforcing, prepares the fragment for all aspects of the life plan. Even choices of course create their own fractals patterns, some contracting some expanding, and occasionally when all is "in focus", running parallel.