Fractal of the Overleaf

August 6, 2006

In terms of the dynamics of any given life, certain fractilic patterns are set up that are the "base pattern" for the focus of Overleaves in that life. All changes in a fragment's life impact the degree to which the fractal functions and although the algorithm itself does not change, the curve of the fractal does. This consequently influences the degree of energetic impulse "attached" to any Overleaf through which the fractilic manifestation is manifest. To assume that Overleaf and fractal exist in juxtaposition is perhaps an overly literal interpretation. They are in fact two "versions" of the same thing, and the effect brought about by choices can serve to enhance, distort, sublimate or elevate the function of any Overleaf in either the Positive or Negative Pole. This does not mean that it is advisable to avoid choices, we did not say that nor did we mean to imply it, but all choices no matter how small, can and often do have fractilic consequences. Those consequences can of course be "beneficial" as well as "detrimental", but when fractilic action is relatively unfettered, and the Positive Poles of the Overleaves are not inaccessible, the general impulse is that the life is going along "as it should" though, of course, there is no "should".

When dealing with the fractal of the Overleaf, the other consideration is the degree of harmonious interaction with other Overleaves. When the "curls" are not complimentary then of course the Overleaves can be said to abrade, in that their algorithmic base creates patterns that do not "mesh" with the other algorithmic bases associated with other Overleaves. The same can be said in a larger context having to do with interpersonal abrading Overleaves. There are occasions when on the surface one might think (ha ha) that the Overleaves evinced would not coexist with the Overleaves of others without difficulty, but when the fractilic patterns generated are functional and complimentary even very serious abrasion can become functional and in fact complimentary as it is "all in the curl".