Distortions and Fractilic Actions

June 10, 2006

Considering the kinds of distortion instigated by Chief Features in terms of the fractilic action of the Overleaves, we would have to say that the kinds of distortion visited upon the Overleaves, particularly the Goal and the Attitude, have to do with interrupting what might be called "the flow" of these Overleaves and bringing about a level of activity within the Overleaf that tends to draw out or truncate the "natural" curve of the inherent fractal. If this is sustained for any length of time, the algorithmic pattern is disrupted as well, and eventually either Goal or Attitude is apt to reach a point of minimal functioning.

We have mentioned before but we will reiterate, the fractals of the individual lives which are set up through the Overleaves, can be modified through Chief Feature activity. Those modifications tend to spread themselves not only through the Overleaves but through experiential differentiation and perception, so that fractals that might function "clearly" (where Chief Feature interference is minimal) become so proscribed by the fractal activity of Chief Features, that access to this less distorted state is no longer attainable. Of course this may not be a constant state. Those fragments who examine not only Chief Features but the rest of the Overleaves and gain some perception of the rate and quality of distortion, can occasionally -- and we stress occasionally -- restore the fractilic energetic balance that contributed to the original choice of such a fractal pattern. When that happens, the algorithm returns to "regular" function, and as a result there is a breaking away from Chief Feature distortion, which is the first step in a long series of efforts towards Chief Feature extinguishment.

Let us point out that for Baby and Young Souls, an exercise of this sort is generally so difficult that the nature of evolution, at that stage, is likely to be unable to address it clearly. A few Mature Souls come prepared, as it were, to tackle this problem as one of the major focuses within a life and in that case progress can, in fact, be made. Even Old Souls, who in theory are "equipped" for this kind of thing, very rarely actually tackle it and only when there are considerations beyond Overleaves, such as Life Task, that provide the impetus and the insight to recognize the nature of the distortions confronted and the potentials in eradicating them.

There is of course no "error" in having these distortions in the life -- 99.9% of ensouled species do -- and the experience of dealing with the distortions provide many of the insights that are closely related to the patterns of growth all fragments respond to. Should any fragment turn away from these recognitions, that does not necessarily mean that the hold of Chief Feature becomes automatically more intense, for that is not the case. However, without the recognition and validation of distortion, progress in eradicating Chief Features can be stymied and incompatible algorithms result from such a "locked" position.

Any time there is a shift in algorithms, the very nature of the fractals change. Through that change, a greater or lesser potential emerges, depending on the choices made by the fragment experiencing the changes, as well as the means the fragment has chosen to deal with realignments of energies. No choice is "right" or "wrong", however all choices have repercussions. Fractals and algorithms reflect those choices as directly and profoundly as any aspect of any life.