Fractals and Algorithms and States of Existence

April 29, 2006

As regards fractals and algorithms and states of existence, we would have to say that fractals and algorithms function consistently throughout all planes of existence, except of course the Tao. In these varying states of energy manifestation, fractilic patterns are constantly and consistently observed. And while of course the most cohesive forms are on the physical plane, that does not mean that algorithms do not in fact continue their manifestations in any energetic manifestations except the Tao. By being present in a plane of existence the energetic forces that constitute the material of Essence are constantly functioning within algorithmic patterns and therefore express these patterns as fractals. Physicality in and of itself may delineate the fractals more obviously, but their validity remains unchanged. Only when all traces of Essence and Casting and evolution have vanished do the applications of algorithms and fractals vanish as well, which is why the Tao has neither algorithms nor fractals functioning within it.

While some of the patterns may be harder to discern, as individual identity, is subsumed into the whole of the Cadence then the entity then the Cadre, there are still nonetheless fractilic patterns developing at all levels until the Tao is achieved. And although the algorithms for a reunited entity may be conceptually more complex than those for a single fragment, they nonetheless respond to the forces of evolution and are codifiable and describable within the mathematical constructs of algorithms. That does not mean that choice is therefore invalid, fractals are not destiny and algorithms do not preclude choice. But that choice functions within fractals and algorithms may be considered a most cogent approach to grasping the mechanics of evolution and once those mechanics are truly comprehended, then the ability to discern actual algorithms as compared to apparent connections can be achieved and from such understanding a more totality based perception may be accessible to the evolving Essence. It is not required, of course, but it is of use to know that the complexities of evolution do not in fact rule out variations in fractals, the validity of choice, or for that matter the adaptation of the algorithmic structure.