"Good" and "Evil"

October 22, 2006

As regards the fractilic ramifications of conceptualized good and evil, which we have said before but we will reiterate, neither exists, although each tends to reflect socio-cultural religious beliefs regarding conduct.

That which is regarded as "good" tends to be accepted without examination, in that such acts are inclined to underscore "traditional" cultural values, particularly long after they have ceased to be "functional" in the ongoing society. Therefore, the degrees to which the fractilic activity can impact an individual's set of choices is more heavily tied to cultural validation than to any fractilically reinforcing aspect of most choices made in life. It is also, therefore, a safe goal for aspirations, since any means of achieving it within the cultural definitions is likely to be minimal both in demands on the individual fragment and in terms of larger ramifications within the life itself.

The notion of evil is somewhat more complex, in that it tends to address all things that are socially and culturally undesirable or "dismissed", and therefore not only unexamined, but tending to be uncritically rejected. For example, to refer to a political alliance as an "axis of evil", negates the necessity to examine and or address the issues that make the actions of that group reprehensible.

In both instances, that being the concept of good and the concept of evil, the overall perception is monolithic. It is rare for any such perception to be subjected to examination on the "assumption" that good need not be questioned and evil is contagious and must not be questioned. All these socio-cultural limitations tend to impact not only individual expectations, but the degree to which these questions can be reassessed and reevaluated. Of course without such reassessment and reevaluation it becomes extremely difficult to allow the full range of fractilic possibilities inherent in any and all choices. That does not mean that certain acts are not in and of themselves reprehensible, and others laudable (we did not say that nor did we mean to imply it), but those things that are laudable are as likely to be karma-inducing as karma-ending. The same may be said of those decisions considered to be reprehensible, these may in fact result in burned karmic ribbons and more expansive fractilic action no matter how outwardly unacceptable the activities may be. This is why we have long expressed a greater embracing of ethics over morality. Morality is likely to be a social cultural bludgeon as a standard for positive karmic interactions; ethics, by putting the decisions squarely on the individual fragment's shoulders, obviates the need for a moral context and the socio-cultural blackmail that accompanies it.

As we have said before when fractilic possibilities are limited by factors external to the fragment making choices, the energetic impulses available are significantly reduced. No matter how "commendable" the motives of this socio-cultural coercion, morality inevitably invalidates as many perceptions as it makes accessible and in the process creates more conflicts between fragments than mere clashing Overleaves or previous experience could account for.

By being aware of the exterior nature of the concept of "good" and "evil", a greater appreciation of its impact upon individual choices may be within the realm of perceptual validation as well as experiential differentiation. With such possibilities once again "in play" (ha-ha-ha) it is not unlikely for fragments willing to deal with the nature of socio-cultural "norms" and individual choices, to once again recognize and draw upon the fractilic range possible of the Overleaves chosen for the life and the applicability for the Life Plan. It would be unlikely for fragments younger than Mid-cycle Mature to be prepared to deal with these pressures, as socio-cultural pressures are at the height in the Young Soul cycle. But, for Later Mature and Old Souls, these fractilic "waves" and tidal-like motions can be discerned and "employed" in balancing the algorithmic structure inherent in every selected life.