Michael's Last Incarnation

(No Date)

As regards the life of the last fragment of this entity extant on the physical plane, the name he was known by was the Baltic version of Michael. He was the third son of a family of servants, a final level Old Warrior in the Observation mode with a goal of Acceptance, a Skeptic in the Moving part of Emotional Center with a Primary Chief Feature of Stubbornness, a Secondary of Martyrdom. Most of his family were Young Souls, although his mother was Second Level Mature. The fragment showed no inclination to excel as a servant, but he had a real gift for training horses, which was the work he ended up doing in life. When his parents and all but one other sibling died in an epidemic, he left his former post and went to work for a burgher near Prague training coach horses. In that work he suffered a crippling injury, losing a foot and an eye after being dragged under a carriage for a considerable distance. He was pleased that he was able to save the carriage and the horses. However, being now crippled, he lost his job and went to work at an inn as a groom. He kept that post for four years until the inn changed hands. He was then thirty-seven years old, had had a wife and daughter, who had left him when he was crippled, something he did not hold a grudge about since he was aware he would not be able to support them and he did not insist they suffer with him. He died that winter, in 1546/7 of exposure, having given his cloak to a ten-year-old orphan who was begging on the same street he was. This was not, incidentally, an act of enlightenment as some would like to think: it was more Warrior natural protectiveness and the What Chest Wound? Response Warriors are inclined to indulge in, aided and abetted by Secondary Chief Feature. Thirty-seven was about the same as fifty-seven is in today's terms, and the Warior did not think he was being cheated of a full life. As a final level Old Soul, all Karmic ribbons had been burned before this life was reached, and he had only two minor agreements to deal with in the life.

It would be fair to say that this fragment was unperturbed by death, including his own. The fragment in the next-to-last-life had been a sailor who died at sea at age nineteen, so thirty-seven seemed an improvement on the immediate past. The fragment was not very attached to the physical plane in any case, with all the rest of his entity on the Astral Plane. Upon his death the entity was reunited and moved from the Astral to the Causal Plane where we completed our mutual inculcation of the full experiences of all fragments in our entity, which is done at the Lower Causal Plane and when that was recognized and validated, we have continued our evolution through teaching.

Incidentally this last life of the fragment in question was no more or less valid than any other life, and no more or less advanced spiritually than any other life. We have said before but we will reiterate: to assume any stage of evolution is better or more advanced than any other stage is like assuming a dinosaur is better than a pelican. They are merely stages in a continuum, no more praiseworthy or lamentable than any other stage. Those who seek to be Old Souls in order to believe themselves spiritually superior to others is to miss the point of most of what we have taught. All stages of evolution are equally valid, just as all choice is equally valid. We have never and we never will say what any fragment should choose, except as Should you choose to do so, for that obviates the whole of this teaching. We would have to say that Should as a compulsory instead of a conditional is an interpolatoin of the Physical Plane, not a valid expression of our communications. We would not be teachers but judges if we told any fragment on the physical plane what that fragment ought to do: to judge, a cultural context and overleaves are required, and we have neither. Should you choose to keep this in mind, we would think many misunderstandings might be avoided.