Recognition of Past Associations

July 3, 2000 Q. When we encounter someone with whom we have significant Past Associations, Agreements, Entity ties, etc., what is the mechanism by which recognition occurs? Sometimes it works even when the encounter is not face-to-face.

A. Of course there "must" be validation in order to complete the "process", but what occurs, of course, is instances of intimacy or energy alignment. In other words, to use a musical analogy, the keys vibrate compatibly and lead to access to the totality, and hence to intimacy, when recognition and validation are both present.

When recognition alone is present, there is a sense of familiarity, which can be welcome or unwelcome depending upon the expectations of the fragments in question; when there is recognition and validation, we may say that the circuit is completed and the energetic nature of intimacy is brought to bear in both fragments involved.

In many instances, fragments will in fact validate intimate perceptions and recognition only to encounter Chief Feature distortion "in full cry", which serves to call into question that which was plain and to impose criteria upon actions [or interactions] which need nonesuch. So long as the energetic complementary function is engaged, validation is possible. When the energetic complementary function is no longer operating, fear may enter the equation and distort the perception in question.