Teachings: Recognition and Validation

July 5, 1999

Q. How does one go about the process of recognition and validation?

A. We would have to say that, in general, recognition is of course the first stage, and has to do with a mixture of "déjà vu" and appropriateness, or in other words, a sense of being in the right place or going in the right direction. It also has to do with the assumption of recognizing what we might call signposts -- that is, points within the life where the fragment is aware that a choice is leading to a new decision or emphasis in actual perception or "purpose".

When this cognizance is acted upon and the new direction or perception has been inculcated into the life and the effect has been permeated into the living process, then recognition may be said to have occurred. In other words, the fragment not only proceeds upon recognizing chosen directions, but "gets it" in terms of what the directions mean.

Let us point out that for most fragments, recognition is somewhat "easy" but validation is somewhat "scary", which is what we perceive happening in this instance, for although this Warrior recognizes the work, she is disinclined to own it, not only because Secondary Chief Feature "disapproves" but because validation brings with it "accountability", and that in turn implies directions and possibilities that have heretofore been "out of the picture".

Should you choose to undergo the process of validation that is, owning the work in question we would think that many insights and, incidentally, Vectors might be brought to bear in the life.