Attempting to Reorganize Completed Experiences

August 27, 2006

As we have said before but will reiterate: the experiences within a life are all valid and are all equally valid. So long as the validity is indeed perceived, then access to positive Overleaf Poles and the most untrammeled manifestation of the Life Plan is likely. The more the fragment attempts to invalidate experience in the life, or to re-imagine, rethink, or rank the experiences, the less likely it is that Overleaf positivity can be gained or sustained.

The fact that there are fragments who spend most of their lives in an attempt to "un-have" their youth can serve as a demonstration of the futility of this activity. All childhoods have difficulty in them and all are equally valid. If there is an attempt to "re-have" or re-imagine a childhood, not only are the validations of the actual experiences denied, but two levels of complexity are added to the actual experience, one being the "improved" version and the other being keeping the reality from the "script".

The more energy that is tied up in attempting to reorganize completed experiences deprives the fragment not only of recognizing the "nowness" of experience, but also makes it difficult to integrate later experiences with earlier ones. Cumulatively this can interfere with such things as Agreements and Monads, internal and external. When such activities are sufficiently distorted, it then becomes difficult for any other validation to occur and ,of course, without validation Chief Feature interference can be far greater than when validation is present. Therefore, no matter how youth may look to you as "an adult", taking time to reinvent the youth is apt to prove counter-productive and we would think that should you decide on a course of re-interpolation in the life, confusion and nonacceptance are apt to mar the later Monads as well as the end of life itself.

When actual experiences are validated and allowed to be integrated with the rest of life, then the Monadal Transits are less cumbersome, and it is much more likely that the fragment will emerge from the Monadal processes in the positive Poles, not the negative ones. The more distortion imposed on the past, the more distorting it is to the future, and while all choices are equally valid, and no choices are either right or wrong, if clarity of perception in a life is valuable to the fragment, then this level of acceptance and validation can clarify the whole of the experience from beginning to end.