Cycles: Baby Soul

January 7, 2007

In regard to Baby Soul perceptions, there are many patterns not unlike the behavior of those young in years. Most Baby Souls have an exaggerated sense of what is due them with little or no sense of reciprocation. The motto "do it right or don't do it at all" grows out of the evolutionary character of the cycle that tends to take all instructions from those deemed superior, and turns it into societal dogma. Both Baby Souls and young souls have very little concept of, or tolerance for, "gray areas". Maintaining what is perceived to be a desirable "balance" is often of uppermost importance to a Baby Soul, not only is this consistent with two-ness, it is part of the manner in which the cycles are reflected in individual development in individual lives. Baby Souls do not conceive of motives beyond what they themselves possess, and even when they achieve great notoriety, they tend to view their behavior in a very limited and carefully defined range of possibilities.

The manner in which Baby Souls relate to others, would seem to later cycles as much more narcissistic in that, within the baby cycle, all encounters, actions, and relationships they indulge in, are tied to them. Often Baby Souls reach a point where they are unwilling to extend themselves beyond the limits they have established, and insist those around them conform to those limitations.

In dealing with Baby Souls, it is often difficult to persuade them that disagreement is not negation, and that agreement is not always support. Many Baby Souls have very high expectations of the performance of others in regard to them, but are disinclined to accept others' expectations as valid as their own. There are many Baby Souls who rise to positions of prominence that are in fact somewhat beyond their reach in terms of emotional capacity. When a Baby Soul has reached this kind of impasse, there is a marked tendency to blame others for it, and to search for scapegoats to account for what the Baby Soul is unable to do.

Many Baby Souls prefer to be a big frog in a small pond than a small frog in a big pond and, because of this, do not necessarily strive beyond the limits they accept early in life. Neither response is either correct or incorrect, of course, but the choices that devolve from taking on too much too soon are more likely to create karma than those of the less ambitious "theatre of operations". [Former President Richard M.] Nixon is a clear cut example.

Although Baby Souls are inclined to be guided by others in the formative part of their development, once they have drawn the lines, they are apt to stick to them no matter what others may bring about in terms of changes in perception or expectations. Baby souls are therefore more likely to "follow in their fathers footsteps"; or undertake to achieve what the fathers could not, a tendency which tends to run into the early part of the Young Cycle as well. The rigidity associated with Baby Souls can easily lead not only to a persecutive state of mind, it can also bring about a kind of sense of error in others that the Baby Soul feels compelled to correct for their own peace of mind, and not necessarily for the benefit of others.

Let us also remark, that in dealing with Baby Soul perceptions, trying to find a modifying stance for a Baby Soul is usually seen as a form of betrayal or laxness of character, and because of that is doubly disdained by the Baby Soul and regarded as sufficient to completely alienate the offending fragment. This can often be seen in the dynamic of families where the Baby Soul has become central to family function and mythology. Family Ikons are particularly powerful in the baby cycle more, in fact, than in the Infant Cycle, because they provide a model of behavior that is necessary for the evolution of the Baby Soul. When accepting the requirement of Baby Souls it is not amiss to keep in mind that the expectations of the Baby Souls will be imposed upon any and all having direct dealings with the fragments in question, and any attempt to bring about a lessening of this carefully defined hierarchical structure will not be met favorably.