Cycles: Young Soul

January 7, 2007

We have touched on this before but we would wish to enlarge upon it: Due to the generally shared Young Soul perception of this species, there is a tendency to categorize and stratify all fragments encountered, and to assume that they are either of the same nature as the perceived, or have in some way failed in their perceptions.

This is created a very broad identification problem, since the motto of the Young Soul is "do it my way". Many instances of e/d are perceived as world truths at the very least. Despite all this, Young Soul perception tells you, youth and or/age, evolutionarily or chronologically, is not in fact contagious, and the "faults" of one fragment do not and cannot be transferred to another. This applies to many other aspects of life. The "need" to be "trendy"; to appear to be at the apex of the social pyramid (whatever pyramid this is perceived to be); the highly competitive interaction of fragments involved in similar occupations; the assumption of rightness and righteousness and the belief that the fragment perceiving differences is under obligation to change the behavior, character, and nature of the errant fragment involved.

Of course, all is chosen, and such choices are indeed part of the Young Soul evolutionary process. What becomes difficult is when such fragments believe that their "do it my way" stance is one of acquired wisdom, rather than the nature of that Cycle. We would think that for many fragments there is a marked tendency to believe themselves to have reached a point where it is right and correct to impose their views on others. For many fragments particularly Baby and Mature Souls, there is a predilection to "knuckle under" to the vigorous pressure laid upon them by active Young Souls, but we assure you that such capitulation does not in fact make the Young Soul right, but belligerent, and the acquiesce of Baby and Mature souls are more gestures of compliant adaptation rather than energetic support.

Many fragments, particularly Young ones, seek to redefine themselves through compelling others to endorse their perceptions, and this can lead in its most extreme manifestations to mind-fuck karma. In other instances it can lead to situations where the offending fragment will seek to make amends less hampered by the need to balance the karmic energies. For those fragments who have embraced "a cause" and then felt that the cause would be compromised if others were not coerced to agree, show the most obvious manifestation of the "do it my way" thought. And for those fragments who are embracing the notion that getting others to comply to their demands is helping them -- they have succumbed to some of the basic Young Soul fears such as failure to achieve importance and the belief that one must assert oneself in order to achieve any degree of credibility. Both beliefs of course feed into Chief Features.

For those fragments seeking to mollify a frustrated Young Soul, we would think that lessening the occasion for conflict might be the most effective means of avoiding "the bludgeon" And should you choose to pursue it, you might discover that there are ways in which all but the most aggressive of Young Souls can be persuaded to lessen the pressure or to apply it elsewhere.

Of course all choices are equally valid, but for most fragments the period of evolution which has the greatest potential for karmic debt is in fact the young cycle. That does not mean that other cycles are "immune" from karma we did not say that nor did we mean to imply it, however, just in then nature of the necessary evolution through the 3rd level, these opportunities are apt to arise more frequently and seem more attractive than at any other time in the physical plane Cycles. This is true of all independently mobile ensouled species, not matter how bizarre "the packaging". But of course all fragments will eventually complete the Young Cycle and emerge into the Mature. In general, the less obstreperous the experience of the Young Soul, the greater the opportunity for full perception in the first stages of the Mature Cycle.