Happeningness, the Tao, and Energy

Q. We go through all of these various stages in the cycle of a single universe and end up at the Tao after tens of thousands of years or whatever the time frame is and then, Michael has said that we've gone through universes past numbering. My question is, what the hell is the point?

A. Perhaps we can express this by saying it is the physical manifestation, for all universe activity is physical, to manifest the happening of things. There are "events" on other planes, but these events are not defined by or in fact even referential to what you would call time. Once such things as bodies are no longer part of the equation, the "passage of time" is less discretely measurable, for we assure you that age as you understand it does not exist beyond the astral plane, and even on the levels of the astral plane it functions more fluidly than on the physical plane and in the context of universes.

It is the nature, however, of things to happen, and because of that the ongoing "impetus" brings about ongoing happeningness, and this is perceived at all levels of existence up to and including the Tao, to which of course all manifestations of energy, such as fragments, return and from which all manifestations of energy, such as fragments, are cast out. It is this energetic recycling that permeates all happening and therefore defines this constant state of evolution that is the distinguishing feature of the physical plane expressed as age, and that continues over into all other planes, existing there to some extent as the possible and the established.

[The channel says: "Things in the past are set and things that haven't happened yet are possibles, which is of course why Michael will never predict."]

Q. Why isn't the Tao bored? If you've done all of these things umpty-ump million times, I would think you'd know what the probabilities are and wouldn't need to go through it all yet again.

A. The Tao is a perfection of love that is the strength of all manner of existence, impersonal but all-comprehending and therefore unfazed by such things as boredom, which is driven by Chief Features or all the other "miseries" associated with passing time, for of course, where the Tao is concerned, time does not pass.

An examination of the nature of evolution as we have discussed it can show the means by which higher planes manifest these patterns, which "inevitably" lead back to the Tao. To question whether or not it becomes bored would be in terms of your planet and species like asking a spring if it becomes bored burbling water. Springs burble water. The Tao continues to evolve.

Q. There was a comment in the middle of this that said "all manifestations of energy," and so that would include the energy from that light bulb. I've never thought of that energy as being part of the Tao, but from what they just said, that's not the case. That rather complicates things, doesn't it?

A. We have said before but we will reiterate, what you think of as matter we think of as coagulated and slowed-down energy, and in terms of being energy, it is no different from light bulbs, candles, or coronal mass. However, when the coagulated and slowed-down energy takes form, and particularly when that slowed-down energy has become ensouled, there is, as it were, an energetic focus that is no longer similar to light bulbs or giant lizards, or, for that matter, rocks. All these forms manifest energy, and that energy does eventually restore itself to the Tao one way or the other.

However, the process of ensouled species of recognition and validation change [sic] the way in which the energy manifestation is expressed and perceived. A light bulb, we assure you, is not aware that it is a manifestation of the love of the Tao, although of course it is, just as a planet or a quagmire is, as well. That recognition and validation process brings about a second "level" or series of fractal possibilities driven by choice that is in fact the basis for the evolution of what you call the soul and we call Essence (ha-ha-ha). By making it possible to be aware of these states and transitions, the means by which the happeningness is achieved is radically different than the happingness of a light bulb, which, so long as there is current, will shine until the filament gives out, without the crucial element of choice, which is of course the precursor of all recognition and validation, for you and all ensouled species everywhere in the universe, now, then, and everywhere in the future.

[A group member says: "Then we don't really have lives, we have happeningnesses."]