Touchstones in the Life Plan

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Q. Could Michael elaborate on their comment about being aware of the "touchstones" in the Life Plan?

A. Of course all Life Plans have certain assumptions built into them. These are not, we stress, scripts, but in fact "landmarks" by which the fragment may "navigate". They have sometimes been called "catch-up" moments, which are like sudden instances of déjà vu with no discernible reason for their rising to prominence. These perceptions often mark important crossroads or nexus points in the life and are related to incidents of choice, which by their very nature tend to take the fragment in intended or unintended directions.

We have before, but we will reiterate, described these points as being the vanes of a fan on which the fragment stands and chooses one vane down which to "walk". Many of these in fact, despite diversion, converge upon the point sought by the fragment, and it is these very points where touch has larger ramification and more comprehensive impact that are in fact the touchstones we describe.

That is not to say that all crucial decisions are in fact nexus points -- we did not say that nor did we mean to imply it -- but there may be moments, outwardly extremely mundane, where the perceptions are brought to bear in a very sharp manner, making it possible for the fragment to discern the various paths that lie before him or her, and through the process of choosing a path the fragment, either validates or moves away from the Life Plan originally selected.

Sometimes, of course, extenuating circumstances intervene in these choices, but we assure you that the vast majority of them are caught up in such humdrum activities as slicing tuna sandwiches or folding the laundry. And in the larger sense, every life has of course an algorithmic aspect based upon the Life Task and Life Plan selected by the fragment. To achieve the ends aspired to, the fragment in question is inclined to repeat the patterns established by Overleaves that bring the focus and the purpose to the fore. So long as the life in some way responds to these patterns, it is likely that the Life Task will be fulfilled. It is only when these patterns become inaccessible that abdication and/or rejection tend to dominate the course of the life in question, and to in fact influence the fractal-like curvature of the choices in the life.