Distinguishing between Overleaves, Culture, Genetics’ and Monadal Transits

December 3, 2005

[See also: Chimeral Genetic Anomalies]

We would wish to distinguish between Overleaves, culture, genetics’ and Monadal transits. Of course while Essence is aware of the impact of culture and genetics, it is also inclined to view them as less pervasive than they tend to be. In most instances Essence is aware of the general genetic structure of the body it plans to inhabit but, of course, a full appreciation of the impact of genetic structures can only be achieved through "living them". And while all genetic makeup is valid, and all responses to it are as well, there are greater and lesser cultural expectations associated with genetic makeup that can "skew" the various ways in which the nature of the genetics can be brought to bear in the life. We have said before but we will reiterate, this culture[comma] founded on a presumption of perfectability, has over time changed the form of perfectibility it will accept. At first, of course, there was "spiritual" -- meaning religiously restrictive perfectability -- then there was politico-philosophical perfectibility, then there was achievement perfectability, and at the moment there are high expectations of physical perfectability hence the "monasticism" of physical fitness. And, of course, being a Young Soul country in a Young Soul world, those genetically or culturally unable to "measure up" are seen as suffering a moral failure. As we have remarked in the past, fewer than 2% of fragments born lack genetic imperfection, and of that small number, none is immune to "wear and tear", accident and disease which, of course, indicates that no one can expect genetic "perfection" to be manifest in any life. While this in and of itself is neither good nor bad, most cultures on this planet tend to assign some level of correctness or incorrectness to obvious genetic flaws. The unobvious ones are of course not perceived and therefore not "judged".

As we have remarked in the past in regard to chimeral genetic anomalies, almost none of these ever come to light, and therefore are not seen as part of the genetic equation. Those rare few that do and are recognized for what they are, tend to occasion fascinated remarks from the medical and scientific communities, who have only recently become aware of their existence. And in that physicality cannot help but "shape" ensouled existence, it does not necessarily follow that genetics are Destiny.

For those fragments willing to view their lives in terms of incremental development, frustration with genetics and similar considerations may be limited and used for additional validation of physicality. Those fragments who undertake to experience Monads, at more or less the "appropriate" time, will find that each of them enables the fragment to assess and view his or her life from a different perspective and frame of reference. Failure to complete and validate these Monads of course tends not to provide the insight sought, and therefore to limit the possibilities either glimpsed or understood. Monadal Transits are possible in almost any form of genetic manifestations, even the severely autistic (within the limits of their autism and the instinctive center) still progress through these "portals" (hahaha) and in the transition, shift their perceptions of themselves and their lives and therefore are able to have the perceptual "advantages" inherent in the Monadal processes.

Each Monad awakens deeper levels of Overleaf manifestations and, of course, there are seven of those as there are seven Internal Monads. By assessing the level at which the Monad process has been accessed, in other words, once the seven levels of the Monad itself have been completed, there are seven ways in which the Monad validation may be brought to bear in the life, and these particular opportunities cannot be fully accessed unless the Monad is transited and validated. For example, once the fourth Internal Monad is completed and validated and the Family Icon is recognized as a sacred image not a actual personality, then issues that were unreachable while the Icon was in place, become available and approachable and the true personality, that is the Overleaves, may be seen without the veil of the Icon obscuring "the true picture". Some degree of this sort of internal experiential differentiation is generally "needed" in order to complete not only the Life Task, but often to gain appreciation of the Life Plan. And such validation may occur no matter what the genetic situation may be for any fragment or what the cultural understanding or lack of understanding may be.